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Course type:Optional KHI/EISH
Semester (year):Third semester
Number of credits:15

The Euroculture programme aims to equip students also with practical competences and personal skills needed for professional career and therefore an internship is a important part of a study programme. An internship is aimed at giving students insight in the relation between their academic training and the social and economic reality and can be done at any institution either in the country of ‘home university’ or abroad. This includes public or private sector institutions, such as government organizations, NGOs, research institutions, the media or international companies. Assignments conducted during the internship are of an academic level.

The internship amounts to 15 ECTS credits and it should run over a minimum of 10 weeks full-time work (including writing the final report). Assistance and guarantee is given by Euroculture Internship Supervisor; in Palacky University represented by Career Advicing Centre, Philosophical Faculty of Palacky University.

To obtain credit points (15 ECTS) for the internship following steps have to be carried out:

• Contacting Euroculture Internship Supervisor - handing a curriculum vitae, discussing internship preferences, setting a list of possible internship targets, internship provider identification and its arrangement/agreement.
• Making clear supervision arrangements as far as the Euroculture Internship Supervisor is concerned and also with the parties providing the internship (internship supervisor in organization providing the internship).
• Drawing up an internship plan to be approved by the Euroculture Internship Supervisor at ‘home university’ as well as by internship provider.
• If applicable: Filling-in an internship contract which is to be signed by all parties involved prior to the commencement of the internship.
• Submitting interim reports and a handing in final report on the internship to the Euroculture Internship Supervisor no later than two weeks after completion of the internship.

In the course of internship interim and final evaluation from the side of internship provider have to be received by Euroculture Internship Supervisor.

The internship will not be graded; students receive either a ‘pass’ or a ‘fail’.

Further information in a more detail as well as evaluation forms are part of Intership Guidelines.

Guarantee Mgr. Iva Tahová
Assistance Mgr. Diana Hověžáková

- Internship consulatation with Career Advising Centre UP representative (defining personal preferences for internships; identification of internship provider; consluting on afterstudies career possibilities, interview skills practise etc.)

- Communication with selected Internship provider and identifying internship supervisor

- Preparing an Internship plan

- Performing an Internship

- Handing all required documents (see exam requirements)
- Internship consulatation with Career Advising Centre representative

- Internship plan

- Email reporting

- Interim and final evaluation forms

- Internship final report

Last update:August 23rd, 2011